Sometimes it’s difficult to find THAT therapist. The one who really just gets in there and finds all those troublesome areas that many therapists either, just pass over or don’t even seem to go near. This too was a massive frustration for me. During my time studying dance I became injured, my journey to find someone who made a difference to the pain I felt, was long and disappointing. You don’t necessarily have to have an injury to understand what I’m harping on about but most of us, at some point in our lives, will have had; aches, pains, restricted movement, sprains, strains, RSI etc and have gone to see someone for it. Were you ever left feeling misunderstood? or perhaps felt misinformed about the discomfort you were in and the steps required to make any substantial change?

Eventually, I did find some amazing therapists! Regular manual therapy and pilates alongside one another had an increased positive effect both mentally and physically. The deep massage and fascial techniques helped to alleviate pain and re-align the tissues. Then by integrating the postural awareness and strengthening exercises of pilates, I found that it made an excellent rehabilitative programme.

As my journey unveiled and those constant questions of, why? What’s really going on with my body? continued to circulate my head, I discovered a passion for the knowledge behind pain, muscle dysfunction and injury. This set me on the path to study movement and massage…

I qualified as a Body Control Pilates matwork, Reformer and Cadillac teacher. To add to my movement training and explore how the mind effects the body, I trained as a Yoga teacher. Then I attended the London School of Sports massage with a diploma in Clinical sport and remedial soft tissue therapy.

The massage training plus the yoga and pilates background enables me to use a combination of hands on techniques, fascial bodywork, posture and correct alignment and strengthening and stretching exercises. This allows me to focus on creating individual packages and bespoke treatments for each person.

Through the winter I live in London where I currently study for an osteopathy degree. I work from several treatment rooms and studios in the London area.

I spend my summers on the beautiful white isles of Ibiza, offering a mobile service all over the island for private sessions in villas, retreats and yachts. Plus, I work from a studio and treatment room in Santa Eularia.